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360° Performance Review: It’s Really Good for the Boss!

05 Apr 2018  by   Sandeep Chaudhary

Leaders tend to agree that constructive and authentic feedback is crucial to instil self-awareness and bridge the perception gap—but will they feel the same way about feedback on themselves?

How Can Organisations Up Their Game in Talent Acquisition?

01 Feb 2018  by   Pritish Gandhi & Pooja Chitkara

With talent acquisition professionals facing shifting expectations and new challenges, how does technology play a part?

Can Meritocracy and Teamwork Coexist?

28 Dec 2017  by   Anandorup Ghose

Meritocracy is contextual and circumstantial—capability and performance cannot be taken for granted uniformly across all jobs, tasks, and situations. Yet the fundamental question remains: Can people be expected to genuinely compete and collaborate at the same time?