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Family Feud—How to Align Conflicting Cultures When Undergoing M&A?

26 Aug 2016  by   Nisheeth Jankar

The business world has long transcended geography, time zones, and even language. But how can two (or more) organisations that have decided to align their business strategies also align their organisational culture?

Employee Engagement—How Do You Design a High Impact Strategy?

19 Aug 2016  by   Saurabh Gahrotra

Most organisations have programmes to measure engagement, but many still struggle to improve their engagement levels. What are they doing wrong, and how to put it right?

Are Performance Ratings Really a Thing of the Past?

12 Aug 2016  by   Rahul Chawla

In the Southeast Asian talent market, where rewards and careers are key engagement drivers, are companies ready to lose the traditional performance rating system?

What’s Next for HR on the Cloud?

08 Aug 2016  by   Shaswat Kumar

With all generations of the workforce now spending up to 2.5 hours a day on their mobile devices and expecting consumer-grade experiences from their employers, how can cloud-based HR technology rise to meet these expectations?

How Can the Technology Sector Drive Innovation in Talent Strategies?

27 Jul 2016  by   Brooke Green

In key innovation hubs such as Beijing, job postings still appear at a much faster rate than the pace with which potential candidates receive the education, training, and work experience required. How are technology companies getting creative in their talent strategies?

How to Identify and Retain the People Who Can Really Make a Difference to Your Business?

22 Jul 2016  by   Nick Tucker

Most organisations have a programme to identify and develop their high-potential employees, but our studies have shown that it takes more than that to build a truly robust leadership pipeline that can deliver business advantage. What are the five steps every organisation must take?

Are KPIs a Formula for Failure?

24 Jun 2016  by   Prawee Nonthapun

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are popularly used to track performance. However, an over-emphasis on KPIs may impair performance rather than boost it. How can organisations set effective KPIs that let them get the best out of their employees? Read on to find out.

Why Must HR Refresh and Reboot Right Now?

17 Jun 2016  by   Vikrant Khanna

HR is at a crossroads. As speed, agility, and innovation become a norm in a digital world, how can HR refresh and reboot to arrive at five key outcomes that will matter? Read on to find out.

So, You Have High Potential Employees—Now What?

09 Jun 2016  by   Dr. John Chan

Most top organisations invest significant resources in high potential programmes—but the question is, how can they get the most value out of their high potential employees? Read on for the answers.

Is Your Employee Engagement Score Increase Real?

27 May 2016  by   Gitansh Malik

Engagement scores appear to be rising in Asia Pacific, but that doesn't mean engagement levels are following the same trend. What did we find on digging deeper? Read on to find out.