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Compensating Non-Executive Directors for Skills, Experience, and Time

18 Apr 2019  by   Rahul Chawla

Are non-executive directors being fairly remunerated for their skills, experiences, and time? In this first post of a two-part series, we will explore some common questions that Boards are deliberating upon.

Are We Afraid Of Attrition?

10 Feb 2017  by   Rahul Chawla

Malaysia is an employee’s market. Yet, while companies are falling over each other to recruit talent at higher costs, the talent is not delivering results. So why are employers afraid of losing them?

Are Performance Ratings Really a Thing of the Past?

12 Aug 2016  by   Rahul Chawla

In the Southeast Asian talent market, where rewards and careers are key engagement drivers, are companies ready to lose the traditional performance rating system?