How To Improve Employee Engagement?

You have your employee engagement survey results—now, how do you use them to drive improvement in employee engagement? Find out with Aon Hewitt.

How To Improve Employee Engagement?

15 Jul 2015 by  Boon Chong Na

Have you grappled with your employee engagement survey results?

Are you able to determine the right engagement outcome your organisation actually needs?   

Aiming for and achieving the right employee engagement outcomes is a daily challenge for many managers. To guide your decisions, a good starting point would be to consider Aon Hewitt’s engagement model. It is represented by how engaged employees SAY great things about their employer, are willing to STAY with the organisation, and STRIVE to support the company's continued success.

To assess how to drive specific engagement outcomes, Aon Hewitt has analysed the relative predictive weight of 15 core engagement driver categories using responses from over 300,000 employees covering 57 countries, 495 companies and 63 industries. The results (Figure 1) demonstrate the top drivers for overall engagement. They also demonstrate the most significant drivers for engagement outcomes related specifically to SAY, STAY and STRIVE.

Rethinking employee engagement table(Figure 1: Rank of the Relative Weight of Drivers)

Employee value proposition (EVP), reputation, and fulfilling work are critical across all engagement outcomes. However these drivers can vary in importance depending on the specific engagement outcome desired. E.g. Reputation is a top driver for employees to say great things about the organisation. But it’s not as important for encouraging them to strive and put in discretionary effort.

A Tailored Approach

Managers, therefore, need to take a tailored approach if there are unique engagement outcomes of interest.  

Say Stay Strive infographic
(Figure 2: Unique Drivers for Engagement Outcomes)

So if you want your employees to ‘Say’ great things about your organisation, you need to hire great talent and the right skills to contribute.

On the other hand, if managers’ key focus is for employees to ‘Stay’, they need to improve the perceptions of future career opportunities in the organisation. Managers also need to ensure that employees are provided with appropriate rewards and recognition.

Lastly, for employees to ‘Strive’, they must be provided with clear objectives and a line of sight on how their performance impacts the organisations' goals. They also need to be enabled with the right tools to get the job done.

Clearly, a simplistic ‘One Size Fits All’ strategy in relation to your engagement outcomes won’t be successful in meeting the needs of your diverse businesses.

By focusing on specific drivers, organisations will be able to have their employees exhibit the desired behaviours to achieve their targetted business goals and gain competitive advantage.

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