How to Identify Potential in Graduates?

When recruiting your graduate intake, you need to identify and assess the skills and attributes that your organisation needs—now and in the future. How to ensure you’re selecting the right candidates?

How to Identify Potential in Graduates?

8 Sep 2017 by  Benjamin Tan

Do you know who your best graduate applicants are? Are you able to recruit them into your business quickly—before your competitors? Does your graduate hiring process project your company image in the best possible way?

When recruiting your graduate intake, you need to identify and assess the skills and attributes that your organisation needs—now and in the future. The more information you have in the early stages of application, the sooner you can make decisions, focus on the right people, and hire them for your business. Even those you don’t select must still be able to take away a positive perception of their interaction with you.

Speed, efficiency, and effectiveness are crucial.

Graduate recruitment is different to other forms of selection; typically, those you are assessing have little work experience and you need to be able to measure whether they have the enthusiasm, attitude, personality, ability, and approach to be successful in your organisation. Graduates also need to have the right abilities, to be able to acquire new skills and knowledge, to fit culturally within the organisation, and to have the personality and disposition to succeed in your business.

This is where a robust candidate assessment process comes in.

Now, the average adult spends 2.5 hours a day on mobile devices and employees expect a consumer-grade experience from their employers to match that they experience in their lives outside of work. Graduates, too, seek modern and mobile-ready interfaces in the assessment process, and in turn, assess employers according to their ability to provide an engaging recruitment experience. Here are three things to look out for in designing a robust candidate assessment process:

Customise the assessment system to your company’s needs

Determine the competencies you require from graduates, and implement an innovative online assessment system that can identify these in an efficient way. Integrate your company’s branding into the online system so it looks like your own, so that when candidates have an engaging recruitment experience, it strengthens your employer brand.

Video interviewing also helps to offer an authentic insight into the presentation of a candidate, while online Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) and Situational Judgement Questionnaires (SJQs) enable you to assess a graduate’s capabilities in real-life scenarios tailored to your company.

Keep the candidate experience in mind at all times

The use of adaptive testing approaches means that the selection assessment is as short as possible, thus helping to increase the acceptance of the test by the candidate. This also guarantees a higher level of acceptance of the tests, and ultimately, better recruitment rates.

Provide good, clear feedback

As part of our assessment policy, we believe that candidates should receive open, specific and differentiated feedback. Where possible, candidates should also be supported in their preferred language. This is why cut-e, an Aon company, develops online systems, tests, and reports in up to 40 languages, with even more language options available on request.

Without the right support for your company, the graduate recruitment process can be tricky but with a partner that can empower you to maximise your efficiencies, reduce human error, and make it as easy a process as possible for both recruiters and candidates, you can focus on what matters most—getting the right graduate applicants, quickly.

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Benjamin is an Occupational Psychologist by trade, and a senior consultant for cut-e. He is based in cut-e’s Singapore office, and offers consulting expertise in the design, implementation, and validation of psychometric and behavioural solutions for talent management initiatives across many industries; in particular, the aviation sector. Benjamin enjoys applying the principles of work and organisational psychology to improve companies' ability to hire the best fitting people for their organisation, at the same time improving the productivity and process efficiencies for HR and recruitment teams in their selection pipelines.

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