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Rewards Trends in Asia for 2019

21 Feb 2019  by   Alexander Krasavin

Where multinational companies once had their pick of skilled talent thanks largely to higher pay premiums, they now find themselves competing in a tight labor market where employees are often attracted to local companies for a variety of reasons. What does this mean for Asia?

Focus on Employee Engagement to Drive Your 2019 Business Goals

07 Feb 2019  by   Dima Dimashkieh

Being named an “Aon Best Employer” is about much more than an office full of happy employees. Best Employers report 50% higher total shareholder return (TSR) than the market average, reflecting the impact a highly engaged workforce has on overall business performance. How does it work?

How can tech companies in Thailand win the war for talent?

24 Jan 2019  by   Panuwat Benrohman

Due to the scarcity of technical talent, salaries for those with in-demand skills have soared. But the war for talent isn’t just about money. How else can technology companies in Thailand attract and retain top talent?

China’s Top 10 Trends in 2018: How Will They Shape the Year Ahead?

07 Jan 2019  by   Peter Zhang

An Aon study concluded that in 2018, 10 trends were impacting business performance in China – and will continue to do so in the year ahead. How can Chinese companies respond effectively?

Why Are Tech Companies in Asia Breaking Up Their Salary Broadbands?

Creating broad salary bands is a common practice throughout much of Asia, but more technology firms are now developing narrower salary ranges for in-demand job functions. How do they do this, and why does it work?

Continuous Dialogue: How Can It Drive Business Performance?

20 Dec 2018  by   Khalid Youseff

It is crucial for businesses to understand their top engagement focus areas, identify the best interventions, and elevate the employee experience around these. The question remains: Where should they begin?

Singapore’s Hotels & Hospitality Industry: Is Remuneration the Key Driver in Talent Attraction & Retention? 

13 Dec 2018  by   Brian De Souza & Lek Kai Jia

An Aon study showed that, in 2017, the hotels & hospitality industry was lagging 14% behind general industry when it comes to salary increments. How can employers engage with top talent in order to attract and retain them?

Holiday Shopping Season Is Here: What Does This Mean For E-Commerce Employers?

06 Dec 2018  by   Judy Zhang

With productivity and efficiency at the core of the success of e-commerce departments, consumer and retail businesses in China are challenged with attracting and retaining the best talent. What will it take to do this in 2019?

AI—What's the Buzz?

30 Nov 2018  by   Aon's Assessment Solutions team

Digital voice assistants answer the questions we ask, robots at work take away some of the repetitive tasks we face, and chatbots give us extra support when we need it. What's the big deal about AI, and how does it factor into talent assessments?

What’s the Role of AI in Passive Sourcing?

22 Nov 2018  by   Richard Justenhoven

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform passive sourcing but the ultimate goal is to achieve perfect optimisation. How can your organisation get the most out of technological advances to hire top talent?