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At Aon Hewitt, we’re proud of our track record in enhancing employee engagement to drive workforce and business performance.

The strength of our research

In Aon Hewitt's Trends in Global Employee Engagement 2017 survey, we studied more than 1,000 organisations around the globe. This study was conducted using data from more than five million employee responses, from organisations with fewer than 100 employees to those with hundreds of thousands of employees, across more than 60 industries.

The conclusion from our research and client experience is clear: Consider your employees a top priority, manage them well, and they will work to contribute to the success of your organisation.

We know that highly engaged employees out-perform other organisations on a range of business and people measures including shareholder return, revenue growth, sales, and turnover.

Making engagement happen

Aon Hewitt can partner with you to measure and improve your employee engagement. We offer a suite of customised and off-the-shelf survey options that provide the right degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness for you, no matter what your requirements are.

All of our solutions are based on our global employee engagement methodology and utilise a range of best practice statistical techniques. We are also focused on the practical considerations involved with empowering leaders and managers to take action.

We can help you increase your HR team’s capability as an agent of change by partnering with you to:

All of our solutions can also be used as a platform for participation in the Aon Best Employers programme.

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